We are all about financial education

If you landed here, you are undoubtedly among those motivated to improve the financial readiness of someone. Perhaps it's a child or grand child. Often, it's someone in a company or non-profit organization seeking tools to teach and motivate employees to learn about and manage their money. Regardless, we are here to help.

Dynaminds Publishing has been developing and publishing educational materials for over four decades. That means we were into financial education before it was cool. And, it also means we know the hot topics, understand the issues, and we simply know what works.

Through the years we have published custom materials for a number of private and public clients and sold well over a million copies into 13 countries. Not bad for a husband-wife team, huh? In fairness, we rely heavily on a number of talented artists, writers, printers and such.

Our business is focused on three key areas. One produces, publishes and promotes our own products direct to consumers. Check those out under
"Our Books."

Another side is our custom design and publishing arm. Companies, nonprofits and government agencies seeking educational publications, games or comic books or other related materials will find ideas in our
"Custom Publishing" page.

The third part of our firm is
speaking and seminars. Joanne is well-known as a topical expert on financial education and content. She blogs on two sites - MoneyGodmotherblog.com and Rootandbloomforever.com. You can access her other social media accounts from her blog. Chuck offers talks on retirement planning.

After being publisher, marketer and corporate strategist for all these years, Chuck recently penned his first book, titled, "Is This Your Plan To Retire?" You can read about it on our books page. The book is scheduled to be released in mid-September 2018 on the usual ebook platforms.

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