Invest into financial education

If you landed here, you are undoubtedly among those motivated to improve the financial readiness of someone. Perhaps it's for a child or grand child who simply needs some encouragement and information about how to save. While many children start learning about money via spending and the basic piggy bank, there's so much more. We can help! For starters, browse our books, games and blogs (see sidebar for blog links).

There is also
soaring interest in financial education in the workplace and with adults in general. Astute company leadership has recognized that employees are increasingly stressed about their personal finances. Financial worry creates distractions and loss of productivity. Our firm also offers solutions for financial education in the workplace and seminars for adults too.

Who are you guys?

We got into educational publishing years ago. The "we" is husband-wife duo, Chuck and Joanne Kuster, co-owners of the Iowa-based publishing firm.

Joanne and Chuck Kuster
We started creating educational materials 40 years ago in response to some friends' teasing about our careers in agriculture. We were newlyweds who had recently left trade magazine careers in Minneapolis and Chicago to return to Iowa where we had grown up. To help educate our well-meaning but ill-informed urban friends, we created a board game about modern agriculture. Aptly named A.G.G.I.E., the game was actually entertaining - and eye opening - for our friends, namely because we infused real-life agricultural content and education with fun interaction. After some local sales success, we decided to mass produce A.G.G.I.E., eventually shipping games to every state and 13 countries. Other educational games and children's books followed. Our business evolved to include personal finance content and financial education tools, which is a primary focus today.

We still see ourselves as educational content providers.
Our clients range from Fortune 500 firms and the Federal Reserve Bank to large non-profit organizations, including work for the Gates Foundation, credit unions, banks, universities and numerous private companies.

Our product list includes books, video and board games, comics, graphic novellas, computer applications, magazine and newspaper inserts, classroom curriculum, white papers and specialty items. Millions of our products have been distributed.

Our business continues to focus on three key areas:
  1. We write, publish and promote our own products direct to consumers. Check those out under "Our Books."
  2. Our custom design and publishing arm works with companies, nonprofits and government agencies to conceive, research, develop and brand educational tools and materials for maximum client value. You will find examples on the "Custom Publishing" page.
  3. The third part of our business is speaking and seminars. Joanne is a topical expert on financial education and related issues. She blogs on two sites - and and provides content to other sites and publications. You can follow her social media accounts from her blog. Chuck recently penned his first book, titled "Is This Your Plan To Retire?" You can read about it on Our Books page. The ebook was released on BookBaby and will soon be available on additional ebook platforms. (Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iBook, etc.) Chuck also continues to help new companies build their business strategies and speaks on strategic retirement preparation.

Listen to your instincts!

Whether you came to this site concerned about your children, grandchildren, your own needs or those of co-workers, listen to your instincts. And do something. Invest in making a difference. If you don't help others learn about managing money, who will? Contact information is available here.

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