Speaking and Seminars

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There are four general topical areas on which we offer presentations and seminars.

The first is financial education. With schools beginning to mandate financial literacy curriculum, knowledgeable financial educators are in high-demand. Joanne has presented numerous talks and seminars to help teachers get comfortable with the content and develop teaching strategies and tools that work. She has presented to K-12 students as well as college students and college teaching methods classes.

A second high interest area is
Corporate Financial Wellness. More companies and organizations see the need to help employees understand and apply good money management skills. Joanne specializes in seminars for employees and presentations to Human Resources groups interested in the topic as well.

A third general area of current interest is
how to develop young entrepreneurs. As an entrepreneur herself and the mother of entrepreneurs, Joanne understands how to recognize and nurture these traits. She is always happy to talk and brainstorm topical ideas.

The fourth area is
retirement planning. These talks are based on the research Chuck collected while writing his book, Is This Your Plan To Retire? … How to thrive and not just survive. These talks cover how the retirement environment has changed and how it affects those preparing for retirement.

Topic: Put "Family" Back into Financial Education
Joanne shares her step-by-step plan on how parents can build a financial education program. Her "Save Yourself" platform is suitable for parent groups, PTAs, and home school association meetings.

Topic: How to Nurture Entrepreneurial Kids
Joanne shares insights into how kids (or adults) can explore the idea of becoming an entrepreneur. "Our educational system prepares children to work for others or to attend college. But the idea of becoming your own boss and starting a business or side hustle is typically not on a parent's radar." Is there an entrepreneur inside you

Topic: How to Turn Young Spenders Into Savers
Parents and grandparents can have fun teaching children good money management skills. This is a popular talk for investment clubs and other groups that want to hear the latest tactics to raise money-smart kids.

Topic: Money Rocks!
This program was designed specifically for libraries wanting a program about money and using library resources. Geared toward upper elementary or middle school youth, this program shows how learning to be rich starts with reading and detective skills.

Topic: Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?
Make money a hot classroom topic. Discover clever concepts and strategies to change how young people view money, saving and investing.

Topic: How to Talk About Money So Your Kids (and Grandkids) Listen
Millions of Americans face financial hardship as adults because they didn't learn how to save and invest early. What can you do to give kids an advantage? Hear Joanne's practical and effect approach to getting young people learning about and managing money.

Topic: So, You Want to Be An Author?
Kids love books (and comic books) and hearing authors talk about how to write, research and produce them. Joanne weaves an interesting tale of her experiences as an author and journalist, including how kids can start. Perfect for schools and libraries.

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