NEW Series! $ave Your$elf!

In response to customer requests, DynaMinds Publishing has created a series of educational booklets that focus on financial education. Save Yourself! features recognizable historical figures who transform into "money heroes" to help kids learn key financial wisdom (and historical reasons behind our economy).

Comic books and superheroes have been used in education for years. Kids read and love them. Our comics are an affordable classroom activity.

QR Codes - Drive Readers to YOUR website

We are including QR codes in this series. These codes, which can be scanned by most new phones, drive users to a web page where answers and additional information can be found. These codes can be redirected to YOUR firm's website, where you provide additional information.

The generic answer pages for
$ave Your$elf! are listed to the right. Or, you can scan the pages below with your own phone if you have the QR code app installed.

Generic copies are available in bundles of 25.

For quantities of 1,000 or more,
please contact us.

Page #2
Hot Day
Page #5
Find the Money Words
Page #8
Crack the Millionaire
Page #3
Amazing Saving
Page #9
Page #11
Magic of Compounding

QR Codes

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